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Women and Words 2018 – Vaati Nyamai

Kenyan, Vaati Nyamai is a marketer at Heaves International Limited, however her skill is acquired through experience since she has never attended college after her O level education. She is involved in several charity groups that help the homeless street kids. She’s passionate about singing and nature walks. Vaati is also a mother of two boys Elvis Nyamai 12 years and Ivan Vundi 6 years. She lives in grace, passion and love.


‘I am a patient lady moulded by pain, rejection, love and survival in tough times.’ – Vaati Nyamai


Why poetry as a form of expression:

It’s the only therapy that helps me ease up.


In your words, Vaati’s writing is:



You have two lovely boys, has being a mother influenced your poetry:

Yes, my kids are part of my inspiration.
Between your day job and mothering two beautiful boys, how do you still manage to find time for your passion?
Just like breathing, nothing prevents us from breathing, same case nothing stops me from poetry.


We all face hardships, what are some of these that you have faced on your journey as a poet:

1 Self esteem. It took me so long to trust my own writing.
2 Critiques. I had a tough time accepting critics, I felt they were enemies but it was never the case.


Acknowledging our trials is the first step, how did you triumph over them:

1 Self esteem. I wrote my first piece and the response from people gave me courage.
2 Critiques. I just accepted to be corrected and It worked.


You have participated in Our Daily Poetry Kenya, an online poetry platform, voice note competition  and was crowned ODP Kenya Champion a couple of times, what have you learnt and enjoyed the most about this experience?

Being recognized among people from different countries and as a writer of the best pieces was the best feeling.
In ODP, we translate art or paintings into words, I learned how to put drawings into writings.


What would you say is the best way to appreciate and digest poetry for a person experiencing it for the first time:

Poetry is emotions changed into limited phrases, so it mostly favours those who read between the lines, those who have hard times translating limited phrases into reality might feel left out.


Who would you say has had the most effect on your journey:

My mum and myself.


What would make the literary arts more visible in Kenya:

By giving chances to everyone equally and not making it a requirement for the “special” families. We all need a chance to show what we got.


What poetic quote would best represent Kenya:

” I believe the most single thing, beyond discipline and creativity, is daring to dare.” Maya Angelou


How would you best describe yourself:



Any thing you want to tell readers before the interview ends:

Love art



Find her on social media:

Vaati Nyamai on Facebook
Vaatinyamai on Instagram
@VaatiN on Twitter


Thank you Vaati for taking the time to do this interview

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