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Women and Words 2018 – Samantha Hephzibah

Samantha Hephzibah, South Africa

Nineties baby, Samantha Hephzibah was born in Matebeleland in Zimbabwe but moved to Johannesburg, South Africa when she was about 10years old where she has been based since.

“I have been writing for the longest time but I just didn’t know I was a writer until 2015 when a friend read what I wrote and called me a poet. She later introduced me to the founder of Poetritis Nirvana, Valentine Tusai. The poets I met there inspired me. ” -Samantha Hephzibah

She considers her poetry to be of no one category. She says:

“I just write, whatever it is.”

Samantha says:

She draws images with her pieces with the hope that her audience is left with something to think about.

Hurdles encountered along her journey:

Low self esteem, I have always been my own enemy. It took me some time to be brave enough to put my work out.

This was overcomed by:

I took a sabbatical year, I was trying to find myself and overcome my fears. I meditated, read books and just falling in love with all pieces of me.

Projects to date:

Not as many as I would love them to be, I have have been part of a few seasons of Poetrits Nirvana and performed a few times at UnpluggedSessionsSA events.

Is poetry relatable according to your experience:

I used to think poets wrote for other poets but the more I broadened my craft I realised poetry is life. Words stringed together to talk about realities in their “deep” form, poetry is really everything.

About her influences:

I am a musician so I have always wanted to incorporate that with my poetry. I love artists that mix both people like Jill Scott, Akua Naru, Janette Ikz, Ijeoma, Lauryn Hill and the likes.

When asked if she follows trends:

No, the plan is to leave a mark not to follow on someone else’s footprints.

Her views on South African poetry:

South Africa’s poetry is not broad enough, the talent is amazing but we need to have South African poets writing more books, telling their stories more gaining more international recognition the list goes on.

Samantha best describes herself as: REBEL

Parting words:

Not much to say, just look out for the weird dark skinned girl her poetry will soon cross your path.

You can find Samantha on her:





Thank you Samantha.

Watch out for the next Women and Words interview!

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