Women and Words 2018 – Claudine Karangwa Ingabire

Happy Women’s Month!

So finally August is here and with it, it brings beautiful stories from some awesome ladies that have allowed me the opportunity of peaking into their relationships with words. First stop, Rwanda!

23 year old Cladudine Karangwa Ingabire is a Rwandan Civic Leader, Writer and Blogger

My poetry is a learning process, I am still improving everyday. – Claudine Karangwa Ingabire

Inspiration is all around us. When asked where her inspiration is drawn from Claudine says:

I draw my inspiration from the realities of the life we live everyday. It can be my story, experience, situation or it can be that of other people around me.

On what she would like to stand out most to her readers:

I want my readers to relate when they read my writings, I want them to know that they are not alone in this life.

Challenges on her poetic journey so far:

When I started writing I didn’t know poetry itself, I had to start learning about it and read more books to make my poems beautiful.

She has countered this by:

Connecting with other writers and learning from them. Learning from previous mistakes made has also helped.

To her Rwanda is:

My home

Thousand hills, beauty in its greenness

Rwanda, where my identity was bestowed

Known for its serenity and cleanness

About the Rwandan poetry scene in her words:

In previous years, poetry as an art would be in our native language Kinyarwanda but today our poetry is done in foreign languages (French, English). Young people are being encouraged and supported by the Government and different institutions to show their talents through performance in different competition and events. Overall poetry is growing immensely.

A word the best describes Claudine is


In parting she says:

I encourage young poets and poetesses to use their talents to be change makers. To address problems with solutions for themselves as well as their countries. Self doubt should not be an obstacle.

Thank you Claudine for the opportunity.

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Don’t forget to keep a watch out for the next interview in the Women and Words 2018 Series…..

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