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Why I Write

Writing has always been therapy for me. My pen and paper have always been the best friend I could always pour my heart out to, they were always there for me when I was lonely. These two things were the unjudgemental family I longed for. They accepted me for who I am. Although they are things we use without giving a thought. To me, the mean a lot more.

For some years I had been writing but I wasn’t ready to share with the world. I was afraid of being judged. Afraid that my writing would not be good enough. Then I realized it wasn’t about getting a thousand likes, it wasn’t about getting the world’s approval. It was about me, the metamorphosis of me. It was my journey and what ever came out from it was gonna be my lesson.

This brought the birth of this blog. This is the silent voice in my head given a platform. This is my journey finding me.


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