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After the shooting of civilians in Zimbabwe after the 2018 elections, my friend and I collaborated on this piece. Our way of standing up and giving a voice to those who couldn’t.

This poem is of rebirth not death
This poem, not mere words, black on white
This poem resonates the pain
It speaks of the gun shots that pierced through skin
And exited, rendering life non liveable
This poem speaks of the sister, brother,father, mother.
Who left home with no hopes of never coming back
This poem is a war cry, a question to the system
On the need to use brutality on its own.
This poem is for you mr man,mrs ma’am the powers that be
You in position of authority
This poem is a cry to the people
Love is the only answer, hate cannot lead us anywhere.
This poem is my roar it will not be heard, but it will be heard
I will not keep silent and let life pass us by

This poem is a voice, one that will stand up to injustice
A voice that is wailing, crying for unity
That we remember who we are
When all else is stripped
This poem is for the families of the fallen
That they may know they are not alone
This poem is a call for accountability
This poem is the conscience of the reckless abusers of power
Those that have neglected their duty to protect and serve
But instead cause needless pain and sorrow
This poem is me taking a stand, speaking out
Non- violently

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