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The Women and Words Series IV – Kudsy Valor

As we come to the end of Womens’ Month, I am sad to be drawing the curtain on my Women and Words series. I had a great time learning a little bit more about these awesome women and their journeys with words. As you know Zimbabwe is home to me, so I thought what better way to end the series than with a Zimbabwean bang! The lady I feature today is another beauty who just knows her way with ink.

From Zimbabwe, meet Kudsy Valor


Born, Mukudzei Valour Mazorodze, this young lady is a Sociology and Gender student currently studying towards her honors degree. As if her life isn’t busy enough, she is also studying for a Diploma in Social Work. She says she sees herself as more of an intellect than an artist – more of a writer than a performer even though her performances always leave her audiences in awe. Here is her story…
Soulfulmiss: How did the name “Kudsy Valor” come about? 
Kudsy Valour: I just played around with my real name. My full name is Mukudzei Valour Mazorodze. At home they always shortened Mukudzei for Kudzie so I played around with that.
SM: When did the writing start? 
KV: Honestly my writing would date back to grade 2 but I always say form 2 because its when I bought a proper notebook to start compilling my work.
SM: What drew you to poetry? Where you exposed to poetry growing up? 
KV: My dad writes poetry and short stories a lot but I would say a need to express the world and its emotions took me to writing 
SM: At what point did you realise that its something you really wanted to be doing and what encouraged to pursue it? 
KV: I always wrote as a method to empty emotions, diary kind of writing, but four years back I matured to realise writing is my destiny so I help the world heal , I felt writing isn’t only personal and to impersonalize it. My work is always stories of the poor, the struggling and the abused to tell them they are strong, my love for the world makes me pursue writing.
SM: Where do you draw your inspiration from? 
KV: Great African writers who paint the rainbow stories of Africa in their work.
SM: Is poetry just a hobby that you do in your spare time? 
KV: No its my life and I take my life seriously 
SM: :What’s 24hrs in the life of Kudsy Valor like?
KV: That will be 4hours in lectures for my sociology and gender studies, I am finishing this year. Then arts projects there after, rehearsing and preparing for poetry shows and theatre and some days social work projects 

SM: Why isn’t writing your full time job? 

KV: A job is always a financial call and writing really isn’t yet able to finance me

SM: hat do you think should be done to make poetry a major art industry in Africa like we have seen the African music  industry become in recent years? 

KV: A serious focus on bringing in audience. Poets tend to treat poetry as a self mirror.

SM: Are you involved in any projects currently? 

KV: Next year in November I should be realising my first two books after a long journey and as always shows are there on the calendar 

SM: You seem to have such a busy schedule, how do you manage to juggle and balance everything? 

KV: Writing comes so naturally that I can write a sensible piece even in a taxi

SM: Did you have any fears when  you started? How did you overcome them? 

KV: My reputation, people relate artists with indecency, poets with atheism yet I come from a respected Christian family. Those kind of stereotypes pulled me down. I overcame by choosing to let close people who see me for what I am.

SM: Do you think your gender affects how you or your work are perceived and received by your audiences and peers? 

KV: I get judged for romantic poetry pieces, for performing in a night clubs. Why? Because woman are expected to behave in a certain way. Then people always cannot separate a woman with sexuality that you meet lots of people who want to take advantage of you.

SM: What is the one thing you have learnt since you started writing that you didn’t know before and one you wish you knew when you made that decision to start writing? 

KV: I didn’t know writing is a powerful tool to heal yourself and the world and I wish I knew that how great a step I was taking when I decided to start writing.

SM: What’s your advice to a young girl who wants to follow the same path you took to become a writer? 

KV: Take the pen and write of your pain, its always powerful to start that way

SM: What do you enjoy more, spoken word or written poetry??

KV: OMG! I can’t say they both are special to me , please don’t make choose. 
       Spoken word; I indulge deep with my audience.  
       Writing; I indulge deep with my inner man.
       Both these people are equally important.

A special thank you to Kudsy, Getrud, Anastasia and Ty’ra for helping me turn my dream to reality this month! You are all such gems and a blessing to work with. 
With love


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