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The Women and Words Series III – Getrud Tom

Hi there, I am truly having a blast getting some insight on the journeys of these incredible women who have, without thinking twice, given me the opportunity to pick at their brains and see what makes them tick; why they chose to use words as their art and form of expression and above all what it is to be a woman on this artistic journey. Today, I interview another lovely African lady making her print on Motherland one word at a time. Enjoy the read!

From Tanzania, Getrud Tom


Getrud Thomas Mushi is a young poetess from Tanzania. Better known in the poetry circles as Getrud Tom, she loves poetry with a passion. A very humble Getrud takes it for granted each time she feels the need to pen down her thoughts and as she doesn’t really realise the good she does with her work by inspiring people.
Soulfulmiss: About her pen name…
Getrud Tom: Well..I love using my real name in my artistic work, I’m very comfortable with it.
SM: When she started writing…
GT: I probably started writing when I was seventeen years old. I would note down my thoughts and feelings about different things I experienced.
SM: What drew her to writing….
GT: When I was in secondary school, I was so drawn and attached to Literature, it was one of the subjects I enjoyed in class. I found myself enjoying reading from different writers and poets, my passion for poetry grew and little by little I started composing poems too.
SM: Realising poetry was her calling….
GT: I began taking poetry more seriously when I joined “Arusha Poetry Club “. One of the incredible groups with talented artists we have in Tanzania. Being one of the members made me feel like I was with family,the club has offered a great platform for artists to perform their work. Falling in love with poetry hasn’t been falling at all, writing has given me relief and each time I write I feel like am making a change into someone’s life through words.
SM: Her inspiration…
GT: I draw my inspiration from nature, true stories happening in the society, personal experiences and sometimes through pictures.
SM: About her fears when she started…. 
GT: Of course I was shy, there is no way you would make me stand in front of people to recite my poems. But then as time passed I started getting used to doing it, and I just reminded myself that if I really wanted to do poetry then I should overcome my fears and feel comfortable to speak my mind.
SM: Advice to other young poetesses out there…
GT: To the young girls out there, don’t be afraid to pursue your dreams; let your passion be your priority and use your talent to make a difference in people lives. Writing is the best way of speaking out joy, pain and even struggles that we as women go through in our daily lives.
SM: Spoken word or written poetry…
I am enjoying reciting spoken word poetry, I feel more understood when doing spoken because I get to give all my emotions out loud, through my voice. I believe the voice tone also speaks a lot about the emotions one wants to portray in the delivery. I love writing picture poetry as well it’s fun and challenging!
SM: Any last words…
GT: As a woman, poetry has given me a large field to speak and deliver issues that could help or comfort other women. Happy to be part of this article as we celebrate women’s month..
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