The Type

The Kind of Guy:

I rise up in the morn, appreciate the blessing of life.
I kneel down pray at dawn, then I write a letter to my future wife.
She stays down the road so I dare not tell her my thoughts.
Lest I disturb her current progress in life.
I hide in the hedge and gawk her as she walks past.

You don’t have to know my name, what I do or where I come from.
You don’t have to recognise my voice or know what I look like.
I am not like those crazy stalkers we see on TV
The murderers on ID Extra that will kill for petty things.
I will love you from afar, I know I am not of your stature,
But I will be your guardian angel from afar.

I’m the kind of guy that will fill the potholes on the road you take to work.
So that the bumps don’t mess up your ride.
I’ll defend you every time these lousy guys try and talk foul about you.
Because you’re perfect and you deserve the best.
I know your favourite spots and your preferences.
Even the places you like to go alone when you want to think.

You can’t stay single when there’s someone that knows your heart so well.
I’m the guy who will set you up with the guy you’ve always wanted.
Even though you are the one I always wanted
I will tell him everything about how to get a girl like you.
I will even be his best man so I can keep an eye on him for you
I am the type of guy who loves wholly
The guy that will be there for you
Even if you don’t know I exist

Anesu Nyakubaya x Valentine Tusai


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