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I’m a cryer, if there is even such a word. I cry a lot almost over everything, although I don’t cry over anything. Its been something that always worries me because the society I grew up in has a lot to say about it.

“Crying is for babies.” Thought you left that in kindergarten? It’s a real thing that real grown people get told.

“Men don’t cry.” Also a thing, a thing that denies people the freedom to express themselves in this day. Evolution might just be a mirage, we still stuck in the ice age as a society.

Petty as this might seem, this is just a few typical examples of the stereotypical behavior we face on a daily basis. This is an existent thing. A tip of the iceberg of things wrong with our society. Today I talk about this because everything matters. Give a moment of your time, let me talk about my tears.

My tears are defiance, a sign that even when it’s unacceptable some of us will always do what is right by us because you know what, at the end of the day these struggles I face are mine alone to bear and I will deal with them in a way I deem fit.

These tears are victory, I let them wash over me and drown whatever emotion that might be raging inside of me, this isn’t always a bad thing because even at my happiest I cry. As long as I can feel, I can cry. And as they subside I know I am stronger, bolder and better. (Don’t dispute they are my tears)

My tears are freedom. They are peace, the lightness I feel after the turmoil of fieriness emotions subside. The calm after the storm. Collectedness that allows me to refocus and aligned me, to me.

Without them I wouldn’t be the person I am. I have learnt to trust the process. It’s there for a reason.

Give it a try some time, tears heal.


                                              Photo by Daniel McCullough on Unsplash


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