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Soo…I write!

Soo….I write!

Said I write.
They looked at me, googly-eyed
Said I paint pictures with my words
“Really, what do you envision? ” They taunted
So I crawled into a cave
In the dark, I wrote yet pretended not to
I cared, yet carried on like I didn’t
And played the victim convincily!
You made me this way – I silently screamed
But did they really
Or did I let them…
Gave ’em permission to dictate how my life would be lived
Am I really the victim 
Or am I the one to blame…
Not a victim
Moving forward one step at a time
Slowly I know me again
I can recognise myself
I write!
I have something to say!
Take me as I am or not at all
The blood in my veins
Is ink to my pen!


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