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Rae Lyric Tribute: The sun has set

Woke up on Sunday the 8th of July to hear the saddest news. A whatsapp message that said “Rae has passed”, most of us thought it was a prank. Rae was at it again, she was always one for crazy shenanigans and even though we only knew each other virtually, I found it hard to believe. A couple hours later, with confirmation from trusted sources, it was confirmed the sun’s rays were gone. The sun had set. Rae was gone.

I have never felt such grief for a non-family member. She touched lives. Blessed souls and most of all she was loved. Words can never do justice to what she was, what she stood for or the impact she had.

A gift to us, taken too soon.

In memory of the beast she was on the mic, of her words that caressed souls, the creativity that oozed of off her being, the legend, the goddess …..

A gallery of the love that we all had for her, rest in the bed of love we have made for you:

My pen is unworthy..

My pen is heavy
It’s trying to hold back the ink
It knows once it starts seeping
Drops will become floods

I didn’t wanna pen
Coz you see penning is admittance
Thing is I don’t want you gone
I want you there
Burning fury
Being the furnace that you are
I want you to speak to my soul and conjure feelings
To be the human superhero that you are
One I can touch though, one I can see
I said to you when I grow up I wanna be you
You smiled back, you already followed my blog
That is that kind of woman you were
Like the sun
A flame
The kind you want to nurture but can easily burst and burn you
You were defiance
Tangoed with death and lived to tell the tale
You forgot to say he was still coming back for you
Although I never met you, your radiance met me
It spoke to my inner being
Awoke that which was in slumber
Your words knew how to reach
They knew how to live
You were the sun and they were your rays illuminating the world
You are engraved in every curve of every word you ever wrote
Your aura sits in every pause, comma and full stop
Immortalised by the words you uttered
The life you blessed the mic with
Eternalized by the feelings you evoke

You left with a big chunk of me, of us
Of art
My living legend, not living anymore
Your crazy self probably be screaming fools celebrate, I guess we all will in our own way but for now our hearts weep
You were a poem
A symphony
A vibe
Fire child
She of the sun























Rest in Power Goddess……..

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