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Poetry for GBV 8 – The Hunger


Days passes by,

Weeks flows, nights unfolds..

Yet she’s still lamenting!

Holding a grumbling stomach, but food on the table!

This hunger is draining her till she could cry no more.

Mouth opens, salivating!

Yet denied to manducate but food on the table!

Moment she thought she hit a jackpot,

It just slips through her fingers!

Excuses, excuses, excuses…!

It’s a boring melody that when tuned on,

It chews the pride of her womanhood away!

This hunger sucks out all the mutual needs…

Leaving her feeling UNWANTED!

Frustration creeps in,

The outcome is like an unfurnished room!

She cries “ATTENTION”!

Only got away with a DETENTION!

Food on the table, yet she’s denied her rights…

Her rights to quench the thirst she feels every night!

How is she expected to suppress the hunger in her office?

When being denied pleasures twixt thy sheet???

Food on the table, yet she can’t baccivor!

She rubbed,

Scratched, caressed,

Smoothed her bowl of food…

But it won’t lit up with invitations for her.

She yearns for the comfort of her food,

Too bad, she doesn’t scrap anything…

But only got snapped in return!

Times when she nibbles something,

It’s when after pushing so hard, like a woman in a delivery room!

Food on the table, yet she got to negotiate and begs to masticate!

The hunger…

By Lebo-gfaith


About the Author :

Lebogang Samson is a young woman who is a passionate Poet, who is a poem writer and has performed in spoken word competitions several times. Some of her writings can be found on  https://www.poetrysoup.com/poems_poets/poems_by_poet.aspx?ID=110756.

Find her on facebook

Lebo-G Samson


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