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Poetry for GBV 9 – The Devil She Knows

The Devil She Knows
As bitterness spews from the cracks of a broken heart
Her other half seemingly refining subjecting her to misery to a fine art
She dreads the future and regrets an equally bleak past
Her vows come back to taunt her as she gets ready to give up at last
A swelling here,psychological trauma there marinating in the unassuming words of a community that urges her to remain steadfast
And hold together the remnants of a marriage ready to collapse

See when a loved one turns monster who do you trust
Tumultous oceans cant be sailed with a broken mast
Marriage is a barter between bakers yet the bread she gives elicits crumbs
Society is a hypocrite ignoring pharaoh’s plagues judging the wife for initiating Exodus
She would rather you die in silence then mourn lost love shouting out what a hero you were flags at half mast

Patriarchal ideologies normalizing abuse
Mothers aging alarmingly fast due to years of misuse
Husbands wired to blow resorting to blows a miswired fuse
When peace reigns the family flourishes when it does not the children stand to lose
Stop the war on our womenfolk call a truce and say no to abuse

by Donald Marindire


About the author

Donald Marindire aka Dodger Zw is music afficianado,culture curate and blogger with Shona Boy Conglomerate.The Kwekwe Town born poet is now based in Harare and when he is not chasing after the freshest sounds or reminiscing on golden oldies his head will likely be buried in a book while his hands piece together words because words literally saved his life

Twitter @Planet_Dodger @ShonaBoyCo
Instagram: @dodgeraviboy
Facebook: Donald Dodger Zw Marindire
Website: www.shonaboyco.co.zw

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