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Poetry for GBV 7 – I am a Lady

I know when l said
Yes l drink you calculated
Added and subtracted your maths
Striping me down to nothing
Striping me down to loose canon
You didn’t except a lady, did you?
You didn’t expect class
I could see it in your eyes tracing my dress
Looking at me the same way  l look at cake
I took your breath away l know l did
I wore that dress on purpose
So l drank with grace and got drunk with class
Smiled with charm l knew l turned you on
I could see it in your eyes
Watching my lips as l spoke
Ohh yes l intentionally wore that water proof blood red lipstick
Its matte effect works well with my eyes and the way l curve my lips when l smile
Did you think we ladies are stupid
Just because you said let’s go for drinks it doesn’t mean
l cannot read between the lines
We know your intentions
So like a lady l carry myself and you will drop me home tonight
and l will say thank you for the drinks
and not invite you in
and call it a night
Like a lady l will walk steadily in my 6inch heals, sway my hips
And walk away
Leaving your manhood & pride in shame
By Memory Zikhali
Mazilankatha umagabadela
About the author:
Memory Zikhali hails from Bulawayo, Zimbabwe. She started art at a very young age, joining the drama club in primary school then went on to join her high school drama club as well. Memory went to international academies for art: IYASA, Chipawo,Music Crossroads,UMOJACFC as a- dancer, actress, poet, choreographer, singer, musician and songwriter.
She has performed in international and local productions.
Find her on social media:
FACEBOOK : Memory Nobuhle Zikhali
FB page Memzie
Instagram @zikhalimemory

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