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Poetry for GBV 3 – Rest In Peace Chipo

Rest In Peace Chipo

Graveyards and hospitals are full of women who said he would change.
Because she chose, to think of a time love had coated everything with an ambiance of bliss and serenity.
She reminisced on the moments that a smile accentuated every curve of her life.
In days of yester year he knew just what to say to her, to get those dimples popping.
Now a smile was something that had lost its meaning.
A dusty old book, in a defunct library only to be dusted from time to time never to be read.
So she gave him, a second, a third, a fourth and a fifth chance.
Until one of those fateful days became her last.
With the swing of a hand he broke her life,
That which she had lost but planted in him, had been uprooted.
The thorn garden that once blossomed roses.
If the blood oozing from her broken life
Was a spring that gave birth to new life
Then in death she was in a better place.
Now a statistic I read about her in the news paper yesterday.
And I thought maybe now she could inspire.
As I tried hard enough to push back the tears.
It all started subtly, he would come home angry and frustrated and take it out on her.
Since it was only yelling, well she thought she was safe, they were just vent sessions right.
It escalated, but here’s the thing “love” blinds people.
The same way his open palm would land on her face and shut one eye.
With only one eye, her vision was blurred by the site of an apologetic breakfast.
Flowers and a promise to never do it again.
And he didnt do it again, until he did.
This time around, her vision was not the only thing she lost.
Rest in peace Chipo,
As I sit in this court house
With the one you once gave of yourself to attesting to murder. I cant help but feel angry.
Why did you not run for dear life with your life.
This question haunts me, it’s like a raging demon it torments me.
Guilty is the verdict, the gavel bangs
They take him away, not in the manner he took you from us.
Maybe that is justice, if such a thing exists in this case.
Rest In Peace Chipo



John J.J Dongo is a researcher, blogger, poet, spoken word artist. He is also the current country representative of The Human Projects and the Co-founder of Motivate. In his words art in whichever form it may exist in, has the potential to transcend boundaries and speak to people. You can find some of his work at www.wordsbyjayjay.com.


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