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Poetry for GBV 14 – Chirp oh little bird

Chirp oh little bird!

Remind me to breathe.

My bones are weary,

My knees are too weak to kneel.

My lips too swollen to utter a prayer.

Chirp oh little bird!

Remind me that the night is gone,

Sleeping under the shadows of the rising sun.

The grips of death holding on to it tightly.

Never to be seen again.

Gone with its silent screams,

It’s pain and wicked punches.

Chirp oh little bird!

Remind me to open my eyes,

To rush and get some ice,

My pride won’t allow me to display my scars,

“Be strong!” I was taught.

So I will nurse my wounds with the years.

Chirp oh little bird!

Sing me a rhyme,

Color me a rainbow.

Restore back my innocence.  

My untainted memoryOf a child.
Whose treasure box was stolen with the beauties of childhood.

Chirp oh little bird!
Save the devil.
I am not a resting place for bruised boys.
I don’t want to hang around demons,
My body is not a construction site!
My emotions shall be protected.
Like the  garden of Eden I too have forbidden fruits,
And I deserve to wake up every morning,
Hear the little bird chirp and remember to smile.

By Samantha Hephzibah

About the author:

Samantha Hephzibah is a spoken word poet, writer and rapper vocalist.

Find her on social media:

Facebook : Samantha Siza Hephzibah
IG : @samantha. Hephzibah
Twitter : @Sammy_Hephzibah
YouTube : Samantha Hephzibah
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