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Poetry for GBV 12 – A sign of change

A Sign of Change. (Universal Version)
The day she was born it was more like a fine breeze passing through her nostrils as a sign of the beginning of her life.
She came to realize that her life has begun,
She was growing up slowly and slowly.
Yet she came to realize that as she was growing up,
Something was shifting away like a mysterious mist of a smoke.
The problem was she could not talk.
Most things happened as if it was an imagination,
Like from loving others to boastfulness.
In her viewing was the wearing away,
Of the modest characteristics of the girl child.
Yet she was a little girl she noticed gender based violence against the girl child.
Fondling of little breasts and wailing,
¬†Followed by the brute force by weak and strong man, removing the girl child’s virginity before she had learnt about what it really means.
I am so depressed from deep within, that hope
Is lost each and every minute in each and every part of this world we are living in.
That day when she realized the features of violence against the girl child, she felt like she had lost her jewel of happiness that makes joy to flow in her bloodstream.
I feel deeply wronged by
what the world is doing from adultery to lying, the murdering of girls and women to shut them up so that they won’t speak out.
Foolishness is among the human kind,
I wonder when the whole world will be keen to unite,
Against all bad activity.
I am without knowledge of who the next target of this brutality is.
I will not fear.
I will not stop.
The Creator of all who is my everything says,
” Do not fear, for I am with you.
I will strengthen you with my Righteous right hand. “
I live to stand for the girl child,
“No tears should tumble down the cheeks of the girl child! “
There is no need for her to mourn when no one have deceased.
I live to eradicate all type of foolishness inside the human kind.
Girl children do not be tormented by ruthless people who do not know why they were created.
She is a Girl for the girls.
I say this is a Sign of Change!
Written by
Gerald Tapiwa Moyo
In dedication to the girl child and the challenges she faces which should end.

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