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Poetry for GBV 11 – Torn Apart

Torn Apart

He took away her worth

Her time

Her energy



And intimacy.


She felt like a prisoner

Hiding in plain sight

She was being raped by her own uncle

A man of cloth

Honoured and respected by society

Someone she trusted


She could not report

Who would have believed her

She feared being the accused victim

Her mind always reminded her of the societal sentiments

That man do not rape unless tempted


She had said NO

She had tried to walk away

But he still did not get the signal

Which part of her NO had he missed

Her clothes were never revealing

They never showed her shape

Nor was her skin ever revealed


But this did not prevent her from this heinous crime


It had torn her apart

Pierced her to the marrow

But did she have a choice

He had taken away her consent !


By Kudzai Joseph Chokumanyara

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