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Poetry for GBV 10 – No Longer Silent



At the magistrate court

The victim is rocking her anxiety to sleep

Praying for the ground underneath her feet

To swallow her whole

The culprit

Guilty at sound be charged

Stands proudly, mucho and unashamed

He knows how this will go down

No one will speak against his abuse

Even for the dying


The judge asks

Where is the evidence

The state lawyer opens a can of worms against him

The judge asks

Are there any witnesses

Deafening silence weighs heavy

But then the whole village rises to its feet

A community tired of having injustice be shoved down their throats


But we were not always like this

When silence found its way into our camp

We had no language with which to show it the door

We became a cancerous wound corroding our dignity away

There was an evil among us

Whom we fed our own

Whom we fed our young and old


But we are wiser now

Have molded our voices into a hammer

To break down silence against gender based violence

We are teaching ourselves to cry out for help

Teaching our brothers softness

Our sisters courage

We will get there

Where violence will no longer be the bread

Broken silently at the table of our existence

By Phodiso Modirwa

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