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Poetry for GBV 1 – Freedom is on the move

For the blood that has been spilled
The tears that have been shed
The hearts and limbs that have been broken
The pain that possesses the victims
The scars carved on our bodies and hearts
Marriages that have failed
Hope that has been lost
All because of Gender Based Violence
I mourn with my fellow sisters, wives and mothers
I wish I could have fought for the deceased
But this time I am at the forefront of the battle
No woman should settle
Or alone tackle
The spreading veld fire
Or be caught in the crossfires
Of Gender Based Violence
We shall no longer be known as the triers
We are done with throwing just flyers
For too long our cries have fallen on deaf ears
It’s as if the more we speak the flame gets intensified and burns even more
Leaving us with scars
That should we try to voice up again
They remind us of the pain
We women are moving hearts
Where will the love come from
If we are burned and sucked dry by this fire
We are stronger than the perpetrators for enduring all this pain
It’s time we take our place
And rise to the call
Deciphering this cloud of darkness
And turn the flame to ash
In these 16 days
Freedom is on the move

Everngelister Magweregwede is an 18 year old from Zimbabwe currently studying at the University of Botswana who enjoys writing. Unfortunately she is not on any social media network at the moment.


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