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Ode to Time


Grandpa clock
Whisk me
To the future
Give me a glimpse
Of the me to come
She may drop a pearl of wisdom
Or two
Tell me that the fro
Will grow in due time
That I can fix
My crown on my own
But it’s OK
To ask for help if need be
She will tell me to be patient
And remember not to break myself
As I bend over backwards for others
That being invisible
Or trying to my darnest to be is fine
But if I trip
I must recall
That I have a trampoline
Of people
Ready to bounce me back to solid ground
Hold my hand
Take me to the time I can’t remember
So I can lace back together
Memories forgotten
Bring pictures back to life
And have my senses aroused
By fragrances my mind has distorted
Draw me back to childhood memories
To laughter and carefree souls
To a mind that dreamt of the impossible
And if you can
Let time stand still
So I can picture the now
So I can envision the future me
So I can indulge in memories gone


Mused from Afrobloggers Wednesday Poetry Evening 19/09/2018

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