I wish you knew, I really wish you did.
I wish you knew how worried I get
just by hearing a change of tone in your voice.
I wish you knew how restless I get
by being unable to see you just once a day.
I wish you knew how anxious I get
knowing you are feeling hurt, especially when its because of me.

I wish I could measure my love for you
just so you can see exactly how much it is I love you.
I wish you could open up my chest so you can see my heart,
so you can see that I gave it to you and that only you reside in it.

I wish you knew just how much you inspire me just by being who you are.
I wish you knew how I try by all means to be like you,
to be open like you, to be free like you and express myself the you do.
I am not saying you are perfect for no one is,
but I just wish to be more like my love.

I wish you knew just how different you are
I wish you knew what you mean to me…. then you wouldn’t doubt.
I wish you knew just how much I want to show you
I wish you knew just how badly I want you to know
I wish I could express myself with ease.
I wish I could just do or say as I wish….
without restraint, second-guessing myself and assuming
I wish I could freely express, I wish I had that freedom…..



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