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I was waiting for a miracle to happen
That’s the reason I never gave up hope
Knowing it will happen to me, in the open,
Clear for everyone to see.

It was worth the wait
At last, I got my reward
Manifestation of my miracle
The fairytale that had been waiting to happen
It came in the form of YOU!, my beloved.

Loving and caring,
Dedicated and focused,
You carry yourself with confidence,
So eloquent in your ways.

Every line on your face,
The shape of your eyes, your lips
The positioning of your eyebrows and your nose
And especially your dark chocolate complexion
Everything that defines you, I fell in love with.

Butterflies flutter in my stomach, every time your lips touch mine.
The goosebumps I get, when your hands run over my skin.
My heart melts.
You are perfect,
Perfect for me….



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