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Journey Home

This poem is pure picture poetry. The painting drew me to my pen and paper, it had me writing before I knew what was going on lol. I don’t know if it is because the painter is someone dear to my heart, KKN Artist or if it was just the perfect piece to evoke the reaction it got. All I know is it spoke to me. Hope you enjoy the read as much as I enjoyed writing it.


Journey Home

Home is where the heart is
Mine lies down that dusty pot-hole ridden back raod
In that ten hour long journey
Back to the succulence of childhood
To the carefree ways with no repercussions
Mommy always came to my rescue
She aways knew how….
My heart lies by the river, where we first met
What a beauty, as natural as they come
Chocolate skinned
Perfection at its best, just the way you are
As I take this journey home
Patiently awaiting to lay my eyes on that beautiful smile of yours….
This dead beat of a heart can’t wait to reach its destination
To get away from the insanity of this concrete jungle
Away from the hussle and bussle
From this prison, this illusion of sublimity
Yet it is captivity
Bound by these unbreakable motions
In this vicious cycle…
Home is where the heart is,
Mine lies in the place I truely call home.


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