In Support of the 16 Days against Gender Based Violence – Scars

When you hear the word ABUSE for most what first comes to mind is whether it is physical or sexual, but what if it was mental? This piece I wrote to bring to light the form of abuse least talked about, to show it does exist and just because the scars are not visible it does not mean they are not there. That those are just as lethal as any other scar. Enjoy the read.


Every time you open your mouth,
a nail to my cross you strike.
Every word you utter,
like a hammer – it drives it in.
Every name you call me,
strips me naked.
In the name of this stupid emotion I stay,
fearing prejudice and discrimination.
What would they think of me?
Slowly I conformed
and evolved into this new me.
That once free and liberal spirit,
now lives for approval.
Constantly being told I am not good enough 
and every other thing I do wrong.
Manipulated into thinking 
I am nothing!
Should have left when the red flags first came up.
This reflection staring at me in the mirror,
this thing – I do not recognise.
Conditioned to accept what is wrong.
A soul bearing invisible scars.
The scars I bear – dead man walking.

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