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I bleed your ink

This is a collaboration between a Rwandan friend of mine, Claudine Karangwa Ingabire, and I. Just elaborating what a poet is, that we write because some people can. We hope to tell their stories for them.


I Bleed Your Ink

For my words that flow like a river

With the ink spewing across my page

So much to say, so much to write to soothe your soul

Let me narrate between the lines of your stories

For my heart to bleed the pain from the scars that you carry

For my voice to be heard as i speak for the voiceless

It’s not that you are numb and helpless

But this ink that flows in my veins

Pregnant with stories untold

Alphabetical surges

Steaming, building up

Wails and screams

Thunderous claps and ululations

Emotions swirled up inside

Let me be the mouthpiece

Let me articulate your inner most

When you fail to fathom

When you fail to shape letters to form the right words to express yourself

Let me bleed your ink


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