God is a Woman

Collaboration Piece by myself, Mande, Blue Envy and Nigel

God is a woman


She lies in the strength of warriors
In the herbs conjured by night to breathe life back to man
She is nurturing and ruthless
Guides you


Guides you through it blinded by the fortunes of the world.
With one eye open she sees all
Enemy and allies.
Sent to misguide and fool you.
All she seeks is approval..remind her of her worth
Only she can give birth to man
A gift they throw in the dirt over and over again
No man can be this patient through the hurt and pain
What is it that she will in the end gain?

Painful disappointment
Generations headed back to Gomorrah
Males stripping to Sodom
Nations up in arms
Bible biased in dimes
High pitched hymns
Cacophony to astray
Innocence exchanged for pizza
Salvation for likes and retweets
Yet like a patient mother
She angers but her soft heart is fast to forgive
Her hand is not easy to attack
She nurtures,
rain and life to us all
God is a woman
If not hell will be our dwelling

Mande Melanated Promise.
A dwelling of hearts sconed she never forks us in
Fire saturated with springs of water
To sanctify even the undeserving
She nurtures our stubborn nature
To maturity
With love and punishment,irons crinkles on the cloth of earth and straightens out any earfold
She reigns
She rules
She created
She demolishes
She is full of love
And can react with wrath
Floods us with peace
And rains us with anger
She is God
God is a woman


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