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GloPoWriMo Entry 30 – Signature

Today is the last day of GloPoWriMo. I feel sad that we closing down the curtains on this one, but I am ecstatic that I made it til the end. I’m glad I had it in me to stick it through. My writing journey will never be the same. This month I have tried out things I wouldn’t have done on a normal day.
Here’s to an excellent month of writing! GloPoWriMo 2017 was awesome…..Until next year, will be waiting patiently!

Below is the last piece in this series. Enjoy the read.


Don’t we spend days, months even
To find our identity 
The mark that speaks our name
One they will look for 
When trying to decipher
If it was us
We look for it thinking,
Ink stains are the makings of a signature

The moment ones mouth opens their mouth
The way one puts one foot in front of another
The way we dress
How we carry ourselves
Values and beliefs
Principles we live by….
These are the true measure, 
The tattoo that permanently inks a signature.


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