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GloPoWriMo Entry 19 – The Recycle Challenge I

For this prompt, I have to do my own version of a another person’s poem. I asked a friend to help me out with a piece the that I am going to use for this exercise. I will, however, use just a part of the poem. Hope you enjoy!



Wishes we have
To go back and freeze time
To rewind back to those moments
But truth be told…
Wishes are not horses!

Where ambition once resided
Now a place of daydreams
Unless a stance is taken…
To make them reality!

Thoughts of what could have been
Had they been here, what would I be?
I won’t linger…. 
Lets make the best of now!
(rendition of an extract from the poem Expressions by Jay Jay)

Expressions by Jay Jay

What if…
What if we all could turn back the hands of time, go back to that exact moment
What would we do differently,  would the outcome be the same?
the same path would we still choose or chart a new course we would opt
What if your fears and dreams exist in the same place, would you still go there,
dare to be bold would you or retreat into your comfort zone
What if my parents were here would my position be better off, would my heart suffer the way it is
(extract used, from the poem Expressions written by Jay Jay)


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