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GloPoWriMo Entry 17 – Stalker

A friend of mine told me that their friend had a stalker. I was shocked! Growing up in a typical African society, I grew up thinking those were “white people” problems (no offense intended) – like stuff you only saw on TV, you know. It’s things we don’t speak about in our communities. I guess because there is always a reason ready to rationalise it. I wasn’t sure what to make of the issue but one thing did end up happening. I dealt with it the only way I know how….

I wrote.
I said No!You mistook it for a yes
Because it was 
never in my nature
Being cold hearted isn’t an inborn thing
I was nurtured
I am as soft as they come
Til you came along…..
The very thing you fell for
Is the same thing you helped me destroy
Naïve as I was
Innocence slipped away
Realised those prying eyes wouldn’t stop
Took a step back
Took a stand
Momma did a great job
In a perfect world, I would have been perfect
But a perfect world wouldn’t be perfect would it?

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