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GloPoWriMo Entry 16 – Picture on the Wall

This is a tribute in loving memory of Daddy dearest, Stanley Nyakubaya.


Picture on the wall…

Slipping slowly,
That subconscious state drifting away
Eyes wide open
They rest on you
Always watching over me
As I sleep.

You keep the boogyman away while I slumber
Even when I jolt awake
And am sweaty coz it feels like I was in a real life episode of The Walking Dead
Your eyes still soothe me and kinda say ‘Hey, I got your back!’

At times I get angry at you for leaving
Still you don’t blink and neither are you phased.
Then that permanent sparkle in your eyes
And the smile forever plastered on face…..
Remind me twasnt a choice, you were stolen!

Photo of Daddy
(not the photo on the wall)
PS: 16 yrs later, still miss you like twas yesterday. 
Forever in my mind, forever in my heart.

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