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Excuses, excuses

Happy Spring Day!

It’s kind of surreal, can you believe we are 9 months into 2018. The year is gone. I feel I haven’t been able to accomplish as much as I would like to.

So here is a list of things (blogging traditions I was trying to make since the blog turns 2 this year) I haven’t done this year and the ‘Fix It’ solutions I have for them:

*April 30 day writing challenge GloPoWriMo was supposed to be tradition 1. I wasn’t able to participate this year so I have taken on Afrobloggers’ Blogtember challenge in an attempt to salvage the tradition because a 30 day challenge is still a 30 day challenge rightšŸ¤·. I shall blog everyday for the month of September. This year the challenge is themed Africa, Stories from Home.

*Women and Words, which I do in August. Because well, life happens I still have a lot of the series outstanding but since I am blogging in September I shall try and kill two birds with one stone. Ps: I am still at a loss of words, the response I got this year I never expected. Thank you ladies.

* This brings me to the other thing on my excuses list, consistency. I think at some point I had it figured out then I woke up one day and I didn’t. It is one thing I have struggled with this year but it’s never too late right. I am committing to making a schedule for the rest of the year that will keep me constant with my posts (hopefully).

I feel like I have had reasons (read as excuses) for almost every deadline I didn’t meet and whatever else but that’s about to change.

Hello Spring! I am geared up for you.

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