Daddy’s Girl

My last memory of him is my fondest memory. I was sitting on his lap, whining. Being a child is great. Little did I know those would be our last moments together.

Had I known I would have squeezed you tight.
Had I known I would have made the most if it all.
Had I known I would have been good.

Had I known…..if only I knew.
Had you told me you intended to leave,
I wouldn’t have stopped you.
All I ever wanted was to have you in that moment .

SN – daddy

6 thoughts on “Daddy’s Girl

  1. So sweet, and sad at the same time. I lived across the country from my parents when my dad passed away. I talked to him on that very day, and we talked about my plans to visit the following week. Heartbreaking. I'm glad you have your memories to cherish.

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