Bye 2017……With Love


What a year! Right? It’s always said to count our blessings and with this post I really intend on doing just that. If you follow my blog then you know every now and again I drift from the core business (poetry) and just vent. Anywho, by now you would have recognized that this is one of THOSE posts, LOL. 

This year, 2017, has been very good to me. From finding Poetritis which was something I was really craving for to being featured in two anthologies to being featured on She Leads Africa facebook page to just being a better me, reconnecting with old friends and  passing all my modules so far. God has been good. 

I did have lows like when I had the accident going home but that was certainly out weighted by all the wonderful things that the year has brought. A lot of people have been so focused on all the negatives like the economy taking a toll, which has impacted on everyone, and have forgotten to see the good in it all like having good people around you.

I just wanna be grateful and not focus on that. 

So thank you, 2017!

May 2018 be even better and bring more joy!

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