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#BOTY2018 : TV Show

I don’t think I have watched any TV show that was released in 2018 so by default my best of the year 2018 tv show technically doesn’t fall into that category. I decided to panel beat this category a little into the best TV show I discovered in 2018.


Earlier in the year I came across the TV series, The Outpost (not sure about when it was released).  It is centered around, Talon the last “black blood” who sets out to the Outpost to get revenge on the massacre of her people.


Image from spoilerTV. Com

Soon after arrival at the Outpost,  Talon finds out that she has powers that control beasts in another dimension. With the assistance of the Smith (who she meets in the Outpost). Talon learns of a prophecy that says that she will defeat their religious dictator and liberate the world.


Image from

I love the setting of the outpost. I love how confident and independent Talon is. Not forgetting Janzo and his naive self. This was a very refreshing change from the normal crime drama I watch.



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