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#BOTY2018 : Non Fictional Book

I am not much of documentary type person so anything that says real life without a fictional twist, I try and stay away from but if you know anything about me the then you know I have been raving about Gay Girl, Good God by Jackie Hill Perry.

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Jackie has such a way with words, it was easy to put myself in her shoes and relate to her journey. For me this book came at the right time. It was like a sister taking me down and talking to me, giving me advice and telling that I am not alone. Our struggles may not necessarily be the same but they definitely are intertwined (we all are – there is nothing new under the sun).


The book takes us from Jackie’s childhood to her adolescent years (where she struggles with accepting her sexuality). I remember reading about how her mother found out she was gay (she had her suspicions but it wasn’t official) and thinking about my relationship with my mother. How we grow up thinking there is a wall in between us that will only let little bits of information flow in between.

The book is well written and has a lightness to it. It isn’t too serious or fact of the matter, that sometimes I forget it is a true life story. I would recommend it to anyone.



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