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#BOTY2018: Movie

So it the last month of the year🙄. Imagine that, right!

Well on the first day of the count down to Christmas we take a look at 2018 movies. Guess this is a good confession time as any.  I didn’t really see any movies save for one, Black Panther. That makes sense right?

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I was really amped about the idea of having a whole black cast. The idea of a would have been techno-society in Africa. Allowing a mind to wonder to the could haves, had colonization not come to our shores. It also helped that my fellow countryman (or rather countrywoman) Dana Gurira, had a significant role in the movie. Bonus points.

Danai Gurira (Okoye in Black Panther)

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After watching it I realized it was the idea of the movie I really loved. There was nothing new in the storyline just new faces. The fact that they didn’t make an all African cast didn’t sell the idea of the movie either.

More could have been done but all in all it was alright.


What movies were the best in 2018 in your opinion?



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