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#BOTY2018 : Fictional Read

This year, I rediscovered a love I actually did not really know I had lost. I started reading again. I don’t how I had stopped, but somewhere along the line I did. Until one day, on some twitter streets I stumbled across a tweet that just made me fall in love:

The imagination is a beautiful thing, while reading through this book worlds came alive. I felt the magic and saw the spurs of energy. Tomi Adeyemi’s writing was so captivating and tells so vivid a story that while turning the pages of a narrative set in a mystical world, so much emotionĀ  bottled in those pages spilled out to me. It had me glued to the book until the last page.

Children of blood and bone found it’s way into my best read list.

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During the coarse of the year I also stumble a fiction book based on true life events, Bare: The Blessers Game by Jackie Phamotse. In this, book I found familiar names and familiar stories. Stories that may not have been personal but I can relate to. In as much as it is not the most well written book I have ever read, it told a story. It moved me and I felt. I felt enough to write.



When your hand reached out towards me
i didn’t realize it was a facade, an illusion
my mind – playing tricks on me
mistaking your intentions for my heart’s pleas
desires I probably will never see fulfilled
this hand used to come bearing gifts
it used to pull me close
it used to caress me with such tenderness
it used to make me forget my cares
When it reached i thought it was reaching out for my heart
to love and to hold
in sickness and in health
not once did i think it was enticing me
that like a python it would mesmerise me
and draw me close
not to feast alongside you
but to be devoured at your table
all you wanted was fulfillment of your fantasies
I gave all
poured my whole being into your hands
for your pleasure I forgot my moral campass
for your gratification I became a slave
delved into submission
by manipulation
isolation is my new normal
you secluded me and let me drive myself insane
the little voices in my head arent so little anymore, you see
they have grown
bigger and louder
with bulging tummies and protruding horns on their foreheads
with horrible rotten teeth, and breath so foul
i weep for my innocence
lost to the shimmer of this materialistic world
that hand is reaching further than I thought it would go
past my heart
going for my most priced possession
my treasured soul
your hand reached, took it and sold it to the underworld
I woke up too late
I made my bed I guess I should lay in it


My Top 2 fictional reads of the year. Whats you list?

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