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Its been an eventful couple of weeks since I last posted – going home, an accident and seeing a few really close friends! I wouldn’t have changed a thing. Anyway, I am back in full force, I really missed blogging so will do my best to atone for the absentia. Here’s is a piece that was inspired by my experiences while I was away, hope you enjoy!


As it tumbled and turned
Y’all celebrated
The death of a great mind
Potential suppressed
Never to be realised
Celebrations came a little too early
That mind, like a boomerang
Circled back
While you clapped and danced
Your wishes, THOSE wishes
If only you knew…
Are my stepping stones
The fuel to my lamp when it dies down
The motivation to my demotivated spirit
Rapunzel’s hair – that helps me escape
And lets me be me, and do me!

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