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Beautiful Chaos

So this is what happens when Nirvana jams…

A collective piece written by NigelMande, Samantha Hephzibah, Eunice Blanken and myself.


Beautiful Chaos

I have been watching the news; and we doomed
A zombie apocalypse just started and we have no protection
And dawn is not calling for us to open our eyes
instead it has chosen to seal our fate or has it
Or has darkness found it’s resting place in this place that felt like home
Who will look for the prettiest flowers to adorn our graves?
And frame our photographs, a reminder that these stares once saw and dreamt of conquering staircases to heights unknown
But damn! Death knows our kind too.
Life rejected our dreams and sent them flying on these ashes that now trouble waters.
Waters that were supposed to wash and cleanse.
Waters that are now too troubled, they are full of our dirt
Drowning crushes never exposed,lovers never told,hopes that never came true and peace we scrambled for
Taints we never owned but rather slept away and buried. “Out of sight, out of mind” as the saying goes, though it never worked.
They haunt us.
So we were never the rested
We relentlessly questioned our fate restlessly
There’s no peace for roses that never bloomed
Weep not, though without blooming, they conquered the burdens of the earth and towered above the weight and defied gravity
Shot straight up to the sun to claim our own and create for ourselves immortal love
A blemished but tender love,
Minted affection, ornamented in golden raises and melanated promises of a bright wedding on the dark side of the moon
And maybe this time it won’t end; we won’t be interrupted by death doing us apart
Intertwined by the locks of eternity and living out our fantasies in the new Jerusalem
A new world, an infinity spread across universes.
Unlimited by neither time nor gravity,
Life and Limbo curtains torn to shreds we’re dead and alive alike.


Chaotic beauty

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