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Do you wanna know how much my heart weighs

Di-sect me open , while counting how many scars life has tattooed on me

Do you wanna know how many litres of tears have cascaded down these eyes

How I hug myself at night, in the dark

When all is silent and it is just me and  my thoughts

Thoughts that wont let me be

That decide to come knocking when all I want is to keep these doors shut

Do you wanna know how many steps I have taken in this lifetime

Walking to you even though you never met me halfway

Even though you chose to walk away instead

Do you wanna know how many voices speak

Which ones I tune up and which ones I mute

Do you wanna about the unruly ones that just wont listen

Those are the loudest

Like anxiety

Telling me I am better off here

In the dark, inside my head



Wishing morning never comes


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