My name is Anesu. I am from Zimbabwe but currently live in South Africa. I love writing. It’s like a loudspeaker for my inner voice. It literally gives me wings to fly. When I write all things are possible.My inspiration is drawn from everything I experience and see around me. I was once told that all one needs to do to find inspiration is to concentrate. 

This blog is an expression of my thoughts, thoughts from the soul of a young woman making her way in the world – hence the name of the blog soulfulmiss. The trials, challenges, awkard situations as well as the joys of life as I try and find my purpose. I also want it to be something young people can appreciate and relate to.

Thank you, for taking time from your busy schedule to go through my blog and see what I am about. I really do appreciate it.

Here’s to discovering new things in life!

with love…